Staying Connected is Key in Managing Depression

Staying Connected is Key in Managing Depression Depression is an illness that takes the joy out of virtually all aspects of life. This includes the happiness you used to get from your interactions with others. So, it’s understandable that people fighting depression often withdraw from relationships. Not only are those interactions
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Northeast Behavioral Health - Director of Crisis Response System Position Open

Northeast Behavioral Health is looking for a “Director of the Crisis Response System”. In this position, you will oversee a 12 county area crisis contract with the State of Colorado providing collaborative crisis response services including walk-in, mobile crisis, respites, residential and
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Why Family and Friends Can be Key to Addiction Recovery

Substance Abuse
Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a very personal journey. Many people on that path prefer it to be solitary or only shared with a counselor. They would rather not let loved ones in on the details of their substance abuse, so they shut them out of
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The Power of Positive Affirmations to Improve Mental and Emotional Health

When faced with a stressful situation, there are two versions of self-talk that a person might use. Many people will say things to themselves like, “Oh, no! This is going to be awful. I can’t do it.” Others, however, will repeat phrases like, “No worries. I’ve got this. I’ll make
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