Tips For Self-Managing Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder
There are many ways to successfully treat anxiety disorder, including counseling and medication. There are also a number of strategies for self-managing anxiety. The beauty of these techniques is that they are free, effective and most are available any time you need them. Simple Tips for Stress Reduction Below are some
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Why Being Vulnerable Can Help You Fight Drug Addiction

It’s very common for the combination of the way we were raised and our own ego to make us feel like we have to be strong and self-reliant at all times. “I’ve got a problem, but I’m going to keep it to myself and take care of it myself,” the
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Why Family and Friends Can be Key to Addiction Recovery

Substance Abuse
Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a very personal journey. Many people on that path prefer it to be solitary or only shared with a counselor. They would rather not let loved ones in on the details of their substance abuse, so they shut them out of
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SummitStone's Homeless Services

As Mental Health Month comes to a close, we are so proud to have our Homeless Services team featured by the CBHC. They do such great work! And Sweet Pea is a real sweetheart! SummitStone Health Partners’ Homeless Services team, outreaches to individuals in Larimer County who are homeless or at
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