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At Spirit Crossing Clubhouse we are an empowering community intended to support each other in personal growth and recovery

We believe that each person with a mental health disorder has the potential to be productive and can make a significant contribution to society that is needed, valued, and expected. We believe one’s wellness depends upon having positive work experiences and meaningful social relationships.

Spirit Crossing Clubhouse opened in 1998. We work with adults age 18 and older as they pursue personal recovery and wellness goals which may include; obtaining or maintaining employment, pursuing an education, building positive social relationships, and leading a productive, meaningful life.

Participation in the Clubhouse is voluntary and with out time limits working side by side with staff in all operations of the program.  The objective of our work is to create a dynamic atmosphere that connects one another in the business of the Clubhouse and in one’s recovery.

Spirit Crossing Clubhouse is a accredited member of Clubhouse International, a worldwide network of more than 300 Clubhouses, in 30 countries, all following the evidenced- based practices of the Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation.
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All Clubhouse members are offered Supported Employment and Education services when interest is expressed.   Spirit Crossing proudly provides IPS (Individual Placement and Support) Colorado Supported Employment to SummitStone Health Partners consumers enrolled in outpatient services that may not be interested in Clubhouse supports.

Contact Information

E-mail... spirit.crossing@summitstonehealth.org
125 Crestridge Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525

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