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Growing up is hard enough…
Getting help shouldn’t have to be

Whatever she needs.

Spend any time at Namaqua Center, and you’re certain to hear the phrase “Whatever she needs!” from the staff and volunteers. That’s because someone – a grandparent raising their grandchildren, a foster parent, or the parent of a child who is struggling with an emotional or mental disorder – just called asking for something they need to help their child.

  • “Megan just asked if she could take piano lessons, and I can’t afford them. Can you help?”
  • “At midnight last Tuesday, my daughter dropped off my two toddler grandchildren. I don’t think she’s coming back. Can you help?”
  • “I really want Joey to be able experience summer camp, but I know that not just any camp will work. Can you help?”
  • “Our kids do great until schools lets out for summer. Then, the long days at home just seem to make them act up. Can you help?”

Imagine a child who has never had the chance to take a music lesson or attend summer camp. Imagine a child who has never known the stability and security of a safe home or adults they can trust. At Namaqua Center, the needs of the child come first, and we’re here to do whatever we can to help our families with whatever they need.

We’re not piano teachers. We’re not camp counselors. We’re not Mary Poppins.

But it’s amazing what we can do when we decide we’ll be there, with whatever she needs. Because growing up is hard enough. Getting the help you need to give your child safety, security, healing, fun and friendships shouldn’t have to be.

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