Trauma and Disaster Response Toolkit

Coping with uncertainty and fear

If you need help coping, call Colorado Crisis Services 24/7/365 at (970) 494-4200. It’s Urgent Care… For Your Mind.

Uncertainty and fear can cause strong emotions including anxiety, anger, and depression. These are normal feelings to experience when faced uncertainty, and these powerful reactions should lessen over time.

For kids, fear can be especially difficult to understand and address. To help, check out this great tipsheet from Kidpower, a non-profit that has taught “People Safety” to more than 1.2 million children, youth and adults. In it, you’ll find tips about how “Teaching kids to be safe without making them Scared”.

At SummitStone, we hope that your family is safe and sound. Take care of one another, and remember that it’s especially important to remember to care for your mental health – and that of your loved ones – during these stressful times.

We care about you and your family. Here are tip sheets and informative links that can help you and your loved ones cope.

Tip Sheets



How to Manage Trauma


SummitStone's response to the Aurora Theatre Shootings

SummitStone mental health responders are helping support our local 2-1-1 call center, to answer calls and provide support to callers and call responders. Our disaster mental health response team will be available if needed for response to Aurora.

SummitStone's response to the High Park Fire

SummitStone mental health responders were deployed by the Red Cross along with the CARE Team. Many SummitStone staff served as volunteers to support the mental health needs of those impacted directly by the fires. Recent services include travelling with FEMA teams, alongside residents, to the homes damaged or destroyed by the fire, to provide immediate counseling and support.

Thanks to all the emergency responders and volunteers who have responded to this disaster in our community. We appreciate your care, dedication and service.