Psychiatric & Medication Services

Psychiatry and Medication Management

Medical services are provided under the general medical supervision of the Chief Medical Officer. Medical staff provide psychiatric consultation to staff, case conferences, psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, medication management and prescriptions.

Medication evaluation and monitoring services may be provided in conjunction with psychotherapy or may stand alone if the client is stable and not needing ongoing psychotherapy services. Medical staff prescribe only medications to address psychiatric symptoms/illnesses. The use of medications is not a prerequisite for services and clients will not be denied access to other services as a result of their reluctance to use medications.

QoL Meds is a full service pharmacy located inside Larimer Center at the Loveland and Oak Street locations. QoL can fill behavioral health medications as well as all other medications. A compliance program helps to ensure that medications are filled on time and correctly. A Pharmacist is available any time to answer questions and discuss medications.

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