How does substance abuse affect people differently?

When you search the definition of substance abuse online you’ll often find that it is an overindulgence in, or dependence on, an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. But what does this really mean, and why do some people become addicted to drugs, while others do not? Substance abuse or addiction,
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5 Surprising Things that Can Trigger Relapse

If you are in recovery, there are a number of common stimuli that have the potential to trigger a relapse. This can include spending time with certain people, visiting a bar or club where you used to hang out, or even food or music that you associate with drinking or
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Fort Collins Treatment Center Shares Tips for Success in Recovery

It takes a great deal of courage to put aside any reservations you have and seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Once you’ve made that wise decision, you want to be sure you get all you can out of the process. That’s why we tell people at our
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You got a DUI. Now what?

DUI Level II Education
DUI Level II Education and Therapy You were cited for drinking and driving. Now you have to face the facts and the law. As anyone who has gone through it can tell you, a DUI conviction is a long and expensive process, but SummitStone Health Partners is here to help. We
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