SummitStone Health Partners' Mission, Purpose and Vision

Mission: To provide unsurpassed behavioral health prevention, intervention, and treatment services in Larimer County.

Purpose: Transforming lives through recovery, renewal and respect.

Vision: To create a healthy, vibrant community built on active consumer involvement, enduring partnerships and a fundamental commitment to wellness. Our consumers thrive in a community that boldly promotes the lives, health, dignity and happiness of those we serve.

Recovery. Renewal. Respect.

Think about how many people you know in our community: friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, parents and children. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every four people you know suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder. Truly, mental illness is not hiding in the margins of our society. It is hidden in plain sight – in our homes and workplaces, schools and shops, hospitals and jails.

And the impact of mental health on our families and friends is staggering: over 66,000 Coloradans are living with an untreated mental illness. The average lifespan of someone with a mental illness is decreased by 25 years. And, tragically, someone in Larimer County commits suicide every 6 days.

Mental illness’ pervasiveness may present a daunting challenge, but it’s a challenge SummitStone Health Partners successfully battles everyday on behalf of the mental health of Larimer County. As a non-profit healthcare provider, we support consumers of all ages through innovation-driven, compassionate, and comprehensive treatment of mental illness, behavioral disorders, and substance abuse, providing:

  • Comprehensive care: The most extensive network of comprehensive behavioral and mental health care in Northern Colorado to treat all aspects of these illnesses, with a focused ability to treat people of all ages who have multiple mental health and substance abuse disorders.
  • Measurable success: Most mental disorders are successfully treatable by combining a wide array of modern treatment techniques and medications. SummitStone Health Partners is at the leading edge of providing evidence-based treatments with proven results.
  • Affordable access: With the majority of the more than 7,000 people we serve each year—over 1/3 of whom are children and youth—coming from households earning less than $25,000 annually, SummitStone Health Partners is focused on providing mental health intervention and treatment to citizens for whom the current medical and insurance systems offer no safety net.

SummitStone Health Partners is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

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