Are you here because you know someone who is living with mental illness or addiction? Is it you? Someone you love? Someone you work with – a boss, co-worker or employee? Or someone you’ve seen in your community whom you know deserves access to the health care they need so that they can be their best, most successful, healthiest self?

Your donation – financially, as a volunteer, or as a board member - makes it possible for us to be SummitStone - Helping people reach their highest potential through recovery, renewal and respect. It helps us offer Health to those who would not otherwise be able to afford the care they need. And it joins us together as Partners - between SummitStone and you, our donor, as we partner together to offer much-needed treatment; but also between you and our consumers, as you will have made it possible for them to know recovery, renewal and respect through the treatment they need.

There are there three great ways to become a SummitStone Health Partner:

1. Donate Now

Send Donations to:
SummitStone Health Partners
Development & Marketing Department
125 Crestridge St., Fort Collins, CO 80525.

We will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

2. Volunteer with SummitStone Health Partners

3. Become a Board Member

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