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The Health District of Northern Larimer County, in partnership with SummitStone Health Partners, provides information, referral and assistance for residents of Northern Larimer County. The Connections program offers telephone and face-to-face screening for routine, urgent and emergency requests, as well as maintaining a community database for referral to therapy services. Connections staff make direct referrals to SummitStone Health Partners as well as to community clinicians providing affordable services. Referrals can also be made to the Health District for limited psychiatric assistance.

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Early Childhood Specialists

Our early childhood specialists provide consultation services to early learning and care centers when providers have concerns about particular children expressing challenging behaviors (ages birth to eight). We work collaboratively with center directors, staff, parents, and children to offer helpful behavior management strategies and referrals.

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Emergency services are operational 24 hours per day including weekends, holidays, and evenings. Care coordination, as a part of the overall plan of services to the client, is included in the provision of emergency services. Emergency services are available to children, adolescents, adults, elderly and minority populations.

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An intensive in-home therapy program designed to serve children ages birth to 17 who are at-risk for out-of-home placement and for whom there are safety concerns at home. The program is a collaborative effort with Turning Point. Therapists are flexible in terms of how each family is served and may incorporate individual and family therapy in the treatment process. Cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy and behavior modification are utilized. Treatment duration is planned to average 6-9 months with the therapist being in the home at least twice per week. On-call service is available to families 24/7.

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An outcome-driven and evidence-based prevention/intervention program for youth who have demonstrated the entire range of maladaptive, acting-out behaviors and related syndromes. FFT targets youth, ages 11-18, at risk for and/or presenting with delinquency, violence, substance use, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Disruptive Behavior Disorder. Services can be provided in-home, clinic, juvenile court, and at time of re-entry from institutional placements. FFT treats the entire family together based on the belief that systemic change is the most effective way to bring about change in the adolescent's behavior.

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SummitStone offers Incredible Years Parenting Series.  The Parenting Program is delivered through a series of 10-14 weekly parent group meetings. Trained leaders guide the group of 10-14 parents as they learn strategies and skills known to promote children’s social competence and reduce behavior problems such as: how to play with children, social, emotional, academic and persistence skills coaching, effective praise and use of incentives, establishing predictable routines and rules and promoting responsibility, effective limit-setting, strategies to manage misbehavior and teaching children to problem solve. Groups are offered in the community both in Loveland and Fort Collins. All Groups are free, offer meals, and open to the community.  (Can we put a link to get more information?)

Dinosaur School Social Skills Group for Children is offered by SummitStone in conjunction with the Incredible Years group. Trained leaders guide group through the lessons using life-size puppets, engaging activities, games, and video vignettes. The lessons focus on how to solve problems, control one’s anger, self-monitor one’s emotions, succeed in school, and make friends.

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Intensive Care Coordinators manage all inpatient services and higher levels of care for clients. This includes assessment, referral and services assisting in transition to a less restrictive environment. The Intensive Care Coordinators are responsible for doing 27-65 evaluations (evaluations of suicidal, homicidal or gravely disabled persons) and Child Mental Health Treatment Act (CMHTA or HB-1116) evaluations for youth who need to be assessed for residential treatment due to mental illness, or youth at risk for residential placement who may be able to be maintained in the community with more supportive in-home and other community based services.

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The Mental Health Core Service Program is a special project developed by the Larimer County Department of Human Services (DHS), Child Welfare section. SummitStone Health Partners is contracted with DHS to provide therapeutic services to their clients, including both adults and children.

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Namaqua Center Services
For more than 40 years, Namaqua Center has provided care, counseling, treatment and healing to our most vulnerable children. These children  may have lived through unspeakable trauma, have severe behavior challenges or have a diagnosable mental illness. Each child is unique, and so are their needs. At Namaqua, our children-centered, community based programs assist children and families in developing and maintaining stability and healthy levels of functioning.

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Outpatient services include family therapy, play therapy with young children, group therapy, individual therapy and include family involvement with treatment. Therapists are trained in child and adolescent mental health issues; working with youth who have experienced neglect, abuse, trauma, and attachment issues; behavior management of children; working with parents to enhance their skills; and case management so that children, adolescents and their families are receiving relevant resource input in the most coordinated and beneficial manner.

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Clinic Services
Outpatient services provided to substance abusing adolescents are designed to facilitate the development and practice of coping skills that will help young clients identify triggers and beliefs, manage moods and emotions, strengthen self-esteem, improve relationships, and maintain abstinence from substance use disorders and other high-risk behaviors.

School-Based Program
Our School-Based program has on-site mental health therapists in several Thompson School District School, providing intervention and treatment to support positive social and emotional development. The School Based team provides assessments and evaluations to identify specific problems, strengths and resources, Individual and group therapy in the schools if appropriate or connection to our outpatient team. We also provide ongoing case management and crisis intervention as needed. Our services are These services are confidential and available to all students, if a student does not have a funding source the School Based team can provide services free of charge. We encourage parental involvement, and school personnel prior to treatment must receive consent for referral from parents of youth under 15 years old.

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Psychiatry and Medication Management
Medical services are provided under the general medical supervision of the Chief Medical Officer. Medical staff provide psychiatric consultation to staff, case conferences, psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, medication management and prescriptions.

Medication evaluation and monitoring services may be provided in conjunction with psychotherapy or may stand alone if the client is stable and not needing ongoing psychotherapy services. Medical staff prescribe only medications to address psychiatric symptoms/illnesses. The use of medications is not a prerequisite for services and clients will not be denied access to other services as a result of their reluctance to use medications.

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Genoa is a full service pharmacy located inside SummitStone Health Partners at the Loveland and Oak Street locations. Genoa can fill behavioral health medications as well as all other medications. A compliance program helps to ensure that medications are filled on time and correctly. A Pharmacist is available any time to answer questions and discuss medications.

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The Murphy Center is designed to be a "One Stop Shop" for services for families and individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Case managers connect guests with local agencies providing community resources on site. Services available include employment resources; housing assistance; financial counseling; transportation assistance; job training and educational opportunities; mental health and substance use disorders counseling; phone and computer access for employment contacts; medical room; washer/dryer, kitchen, showers and storage facilities; and play areas for children.

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Operated by providers from Sunrise Community Health’s Loveland Community Health Clinic, the Sunrise Summitstone Clinic is an on-site physical health clinic located at SummitStone’s Wilson Ave. outpatient clinic in Loveland. The Clinic is open to all SummitStone clients, as well as other Medicaid and indigent patients from Loveland. Services include primary care, wellness, prevention, women’s health, and pediatrics.

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