Addiction Treatment Services

Alcoholism. Drug abuse. Prescription drug dependence. Addiction has lots of faces, but all types have one thing in common – overcoming it takes a lot of courage, dedication, treatment, and support.

Substance use is prevalent in our culture. While many people can experiment with drugs and alcohol with little repercussion, others have a biological pre-disposition to addiction. Addiction is complicated, and making the lifestyle changes that lead to overcoming addiction and recovery from substance abuse requires outside support for most.

SummitStone Health Partners has a full staff of certified and licensed addictions counselors who are specially trained to meet the complex needs that often accompany substance abuse. We offer a full scope of group and individual addiction treatment services - all to offer you care that has been scientifically proven to successfully treat substance abuse. We also provide individual and family therapy, anger management, DUI services, court ordered services, UA/BA monitoring and psychiatric assistance as needed. Addictions take away the ability to enjoy life; SummitStone Health Partners is here to help you regain control over your future.

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