Integrated Mental & Physical Health

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For many individuals, mental health and substance abuse issues are first identified by their primary care physician. For this reason, we have created partnerships with primary care providers across the County that ensure that behavioral health assessment, brief intervention, and referral are available at clinics such as Loveland Community Health Center and Salud Family Medicine Center in Estes Park.

At SummitStone Health Partners, our goal is that you receive the mental health and substance abuse treatment you need in the environment that is most accessible and comfortable to you. By creating partnerships with health care providers throughout our community, SummitStone will help you meet all your health care goals in one place.

Integrated Behavioral and Physical Health Care

Intensive Case Management
Genoa Pharmacy
Sunrise Summitstone Clinic

Case Management involves activities that are intended to ensure that clients receive needed services, that services are coordinated, and that services are appropriate to the client's stated desires over time.

Genoa is a full service pharmacy located inside Larimer Center at the Loveland and Oak Street locations. Genoa can fill behavioral health medications as well as all other medications. A compliance program helps to ensure that medications are filled on time and correctly. A Pharmacist is available any time to answer questions and discuss medications.


Operated by providers from Sunrise Community Health’s Loveland Community Health Clinic, the Sunrise Summitstone Clinic is an on-site physical health clinic located at SummitStone’s Wilson Ave. outpatient clinic in Loveland. The Clinic is open to all SummitStone clients, as well as other Medicaid and indigent patients from Loveland. Services include primary care, wellness, prevention, women’s health, and pediatrics.



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