Peer Supported Services

Recovery from mental health and substance use disorders is greatly enhanced when peer-supported, consumer-driven services are available. These services are provided by individuals who are, themselves, recovering from behavioral health disorders. They have “lived experience” –meaning they have personal experience with the process of seeking, engaging in, and living recovery. Everyone is unique with their own challenges and triumphs. Yet, knowing that you can reach out to someone who has walked the journey of recovery from mental illness and/or addiction might be just what you need to take your own first step towards recovery.

At SummitStone Health Partners, we have programs such as Spirit Crossing Clubhouse, Peer Specialists, and Choices Café. These are programs that have been designed by consumers, for consumers. Underlying all consumer-driven programming is an understanding that if people are surrounded by people who believe in them and connect on the most human of levels, then recovery becomes a way of life. This is a journey that is best taken together –SummitStone Health Partners recognizes and supports our consumers in directing their own recovery.

Peer-Supported, Consumer-Driven Programs

Choices Café
Namaqua Center
Peer Specialists
Spirit Crossing Clubhouse and Vocational Support Programs

Spirit Crossing Clubhouse is a certified Model of Rehabilitation with the International Center for Clubhouse Development. Vocational support includes transitional employment, supported employment and job development, career counseling, supported education, and job-seeking skills training. Clubhouse members and staff operate the facility jointly. Clubhouse work-ordered day activities include preparing and serving lunch daily, clerical and retail work, computer and data entry, newsletter publishing, and facility maintenance. Recovery oriented activities include weekly socials and recreational outings, wellness classes, fundraising, client advocacy, community education and program development responsibilities.

The Café is a drop-in center which is client run and staff supported. It is a safe place for clients to go for social interaction and fun.

“My experience at Choice’s Café has really helped me stabilize. When I attend and participate in Choice’s Café activities, it helps me to know that my friends, the Peer Specialist staff, and peers that I interact with enable me to socialize, have fun, and instill in me that I can talk with others and process my feelings and thoughts. I have been volunteering in the Café for many years and I really enjoy assisting with the activities and welcoming new comers into the Café. Helping others helps me in my recovery. I really enjoy supporting others . I get excited to tell other peers that it is ok to have a bad day or to really enjoy your surroundings when you are having a great day. Choice’s Café is a safe place to have fun and to express yourself. It truly is a positive place to hang out and I am grateful for all of the good times that I have had in the Café and the wonderful relationships that I have built and maintained over the years in the Café.”

~ Patricia B.
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Namaqua Center
For more than 40 years, Namaqua Center has provided care, counseling, treatment and healing to our most vulnerable children. These children  may have lived through unspeakable trauma, have severe behavior challenges or have a diagnosable mental illness. Each child is unique, and so are their needs. At Namaqua, our children-centered, community based programs assist children and families in developing and maintaining stability and healthy levels of functioning.

Grandfamily Support Program
This program provides ongoing case management and systems navigation services to assist grandparents raising grand children in accessing community services, resources and supports for both adults and children.  Monthly support group facilitation, topic specific presentations and bi-annual Parenting a Second Time Around education programs are also provided.  Pro-social family centered activities and social events are offered to grand families throughout the year to enhance peer support and information sharing.

Family Support Coaching
Coaches are assigned to a youth based on common interests and compatibility.  Coaches will work with the youth in their home and community to address goals and practice skills identified by the youth, family and therapist.  Interventions are based on the unique needs of each youth and family and may involve one on one coaching, parental support, and community based activities.

Family Treatment Court Mentors
Mentors offer guidance and support to families involved in court-ordered family and substance abuse treatment.

Respite provides a break for families of children with high risk behavioral and mental health issues.  Children have opportunity to participate in fun, age appropriate activities with their peers while their adult caretakers can step away from providing for the ongoing needs of their child and care for themselves.

The SPOT is an after school program for adolescent clients that provides a safe place to learn new skills and tools to enhance their lives.  Clients work on identifying personal strengths and challenges, building social supports and expanding the skills needed to maneuver through the world with a serious mental illness.

Wondercamp is a skill building program for young clients with serious mental illness who require structure and support during extended school holidays.  Through clinical groups, games and activities children are provided an opportunity to practice social skills and receive immediate feedback on their behaviors and interactions.


The Peer Specialist program empowers people with lived experience with mental illness the chance to help others along their journey to recovery. Trained through a rigorous evidence-based model, peer specialists are not therapists or psychiatrists. They are trained to be an advocate, support, and friend to those who are living with similar challenges due to their mental illness and addiction.

“I was a Choice House resident in the fall/winter of 2003. Previously, I had spent 5 1/2 dreary months in CMHIP (Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo). That was the low point of my life! I had lost my marriage, my home, and my business-all at once. Additionally, genetic depression runs in my family-both my grandfather and my father both suffered a “nervous breakdown” in mid-life just like me. I attempted suicide twice...Thank God, literally, I failed.

Today, I feel happy and blessed, partly because I know so many of you former Choice House residents and LCMH consumers who are “survivors” of mental illness. You are my heroes, some of the nicest and most intelligent people I know. I won’t name you-but you know who you are. Like my father, I attribute my recovery to my spirituality. Although medicine and skilled caregivers had a lot to do with my recovery, my higher power who created the discoverers of those “miracle drugs” and those fine caregivers truly helps me.

I am grateful for the Choice’s Café and the great people that I can hang out with. Thank you for being a part of my recovery and allowing me to be a part of yours.”

~John C.
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Peer Supported Services for Families with Children

An evidence based parenting education program designed to positively impact the relationship between parent and child. Research supports reduced violence and disobedient behavior in the home is a positive result of participating in the Incredible Years Parenting Series.

This program is made possible through funding from the Bohemian Foundation, Larimer County Department of Human Services and the Office on Aging. The Kinship Care System Navigator assists kin and grandfamilies in accessing services and resources. These services are free to any relative care provider.

Family Support Services provide innovative, effective services to assist youth and their families in developing and maintaining stability and healthy levels of functioning. The interventions are based on the unique needs of the individual youth and his/her family and may involve one-on-one youth coaching, parental support and community based respite. Family Support Services are designed to help children successfully remain at home in their local community.
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