Through SummitStone Health Partners’ SummitStories Project, it is our mission to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness. We hope, by collecting and sharing stories from people from all walks of life, we will show that mental health is part of overall health, and caring for it is necessary and effective.

Through this project, SummitStone Health Partners wants to encourage viewers to seek help by showing that treatment is available locally, how others have gone about seeking treatment, and what can be expected during and as a result of treatment.

Most of all, we want to offer hope. With each story that is shared, we will give proof that there is life on the other side of treatment. Showing that there are people who live with, and overcome mental illness proves that the fight is worth it.

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If you or a loved one are in crisis, call us at (970) 494-4200, or walk in to our 24-Hour Crisis Center now.
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